HI, I'm Stephanie

If my soul was a room, it would smell like sweet, summer whiskey. The walls, papered with dated patterns, would be illuminated by junkyard neon signs rescued from demolished saloons and pool halls. Their buzzing would be drowned out by the low tones of a sombre Johnny Cash that echo from a discarded glowing jukebox. A long mahogany bar would invite guests to explore its dents and scratches, etched after years of long nights, hushed personal conversations, passionate arguments, and joyous soirées. 

This room is where I invite my subjects to tell their stories about love, war, and all things in between. It’s both lonesome and romantic. As a photographer of people, my greatest joy is spending time with my subjects, whether for a morning, or a month. Either way, the conversation always ends in a photograph. A copy goes to them, and a copy goes to me. That image represents a piece of our history. 

From musicians and actors to vagabonds and average Joes, my photography is about truth, relationship, history, and soul. This is my story. What's yours?

Get in Touch: steph@stephaniespencephoto.com

Currently based in Prescott, Arizona.